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IC Contact Post

[ In an older female's voice ]

This is the Fujiwara residence, please leave a message after the beep.

{OOC: Leave voicemail messages for Natsume here! He lives with the Fujiwaras and doesn't have a cell phone, so voicemail is the only option. }


Constructive Criticism

Concrit post! How am I driving? All that jazz. Just lemme know. I want to know what you think 'cause then I can learn and I can get better.


Permissions and Plotting!

Backtagging: Always!
Threadhopping: Yepyep!
Fourthwalling: If it makes sense for your character to, yes. If it doesn't then no.
Hugging/Kissing/TouchyTouch: If you want to get punched. No seriously, it's a reflex, he'll do it without even thinking about it if you touch him and he isn't 100% okay with it. Even if you're just trying to help.
Fighting/Injuring/Killing: Yes to fighting but if you're anything spirity, he's got a super-powered punch that can knock high-power spirits through about five walls if he's really trying. If you're not a spirit or anything he's probably going to lose though. Injuring? It's like his JOB to get hurt by things since something tries to kill him at least once a day. Killing? You can try, but I'd be very cross if you thought you were going to succeed. So would his really overweight cat-lookin' thing.
Using telepathy/mind reading: Sure!

Questions/Comments/Plotting? Comment here too.

[ failed!private ]

"A sinister shadow entwines you. I can see your corpse littered with leaves."

I think I could've done without the surprise fortune telling... and Touko saw me talking to it. She believed me when I told her I was okay and nothing was wrong.

At least we know why I can't stop coughing now. Still, I can't get rid of it... It's important to Miya. We have to find another way to get it off of the wall without destroying it before it kills me.
So, I realized that considering Natsume's situation with his spirit-seeing abilities and whatnot, and I was like "Okay well some people have them and some people don't but I don't really know all the people who do/don't so I might as well make this clear."

So here's...
The Scale of What You Can/Can't See from Natsume's World, Based on Spiritual Ability

Cut for lengthCollapse )


Do you have spirits, shinigami, shikigami, gods, youkai, ayakashi, etc. that can't be seen by everyone in your world? Since Natsume's supposed to be able to see all that stuff, I feel the need to ask permission for his abilities to see them in other worlds! SO. Comment here with the following please!